What Are Web 2.0 Links For SEO?

Backlinking used to be what really propelled a website to be able to achieve the best possible rankings. Prior to the last few years, all it really took to rank a website was a whole bunch of spammy backlinks. However, once social based web 2.0 launched, Google and other search engines caught on to the tactics that marketers were using to ‘game’ the system. After all, this type of ‘gaming’ of the system ended up hurting their search user’s experience. Thus, any website that utilizes this kind of strategy will be penalized accordingly. However, web 2.0 still works when it is implemented in the right way. The web 2.0 linking strategy became much more strategic as a result and it can still provide a lot of reward for someone willing to implement it correctly. We had a great discussion with Local Lead Link (http://www.localleadlink.com) about this very topic, and learned quite a lot. Below, we will be going over what web 2.0 links are and how they work.

Social Media Platforms

These web 2.0 properties are mostly social media platforms that have very strong authority ranks on the Internet. These platforms include Google Places, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and more. These are social media platforms that are well known to be authoritative sites and sites that have a strong social presence. By utilizing these websites in your web 2.0 backlinking strategy, you should be able to see vast improvements in your ranking potential because they are going to help you demonstrate authority in a respective niche.

There are a lot of things that you are going to need to avoid when you are implementing this kind of strategy into your SEO mix. It would be wise to avoid utilizing anything that might be considered spammy such as creating a Wikipedia page, creating a lot of WordPress websites linking back to your website, or even paying others to boost your website backlinks for you.

What Are The Top Web Developer Career Options Available Today?

If you want to develop your career as a web developer, there are many options that you have available. These are individuals that are able to help design websites, having some knowledge of how to program websites using specific types of code. They can maintain websites that they have built for clients, based upon the client’s specifications. It is a very challenging career, one that requires you to have a very special level of expertise in regard to web development environments. Here are a few of the most promising career moves that a person with this type of skill can pursue in order to earn a good living.

Jobs That Web Developers Can Pursue
Depending upon your skill level, and the speed at which you can create websites, you can likely have a multitude of clients. These could be individuals that are creating niche websites, or you could work for a large company, constantly updating the many thousands of products that they sell. It is also possible that you could work for a team of people that are building a brand-new business, and they will need to have your expertise on going through the process of creating this new website. All of these careers pay very well, with many successful web developers earning six figures by doing nothing more than creating and maintaining websites. One local developer put together a nice looking but affordable site (Edina Party Bus) which works perfectly for the business owner’s intention and budget.

Once you have found a few jobs that offer openings for Web developers, you need to apply. It is important to show a resume, and a portfolio of previous projects that you have worked on. Most people that are chosen are often employed as a result of the portfolio that they present. This will showcase the type of work that they are able to do, and as a result, they will be able to land a very promising career with a large company with benefits.

Tips to Help Website Developers Earn More Money

In order to earn more money as a web developer, you simply need to build great websites. Today, we are going to provide web developers with useful tips to help them monetize their skills successfully. Follow our recommendations to start making more money as a web developer.

Create User Friendly Websites
It is very important for a web developer to create well-built sites that are convenient for users. You need to ensure that visitors will find it easy to navigate on your website and it will not take too much time for them to find the necessary information on your web pages. The main objective of a web developer is to build highly professional sites that will look great and impress its visitors.

Build SEO Friendly Websites
As it has already been said, a web developer has to build a professional site that will be comfortable for its users. However, a website has to be search engine friendly as well. This means that your online resource has to correspond to search engine requirements. If your site has a SEO-friendly structure this means that your client will manage to promote it in popular search engines successfully.

Update Your Portfolio with New Sites Regularly
A rich portfolio helps a web developer Continue reading Tips to Help Website Developers Earn More Money

Easy Ways for Website Developers to Monetize their Skills

Are you a professional website developer? Are you looking for an effective way to monetize your web development skills? In fact, there are many ways for web developers to make money using their skills. Here, we will tell you about the most effective ones.

Establish Partnership with Web Development Companies
Partnerships are an easy way for website developers to start making money using their skills. It is important to know that successful website development companies have a lot of clients. So, they can provide website developers with a higher volume of work and sometimes long-term contracts.

The most important benefit of working with reliable web development companies is that you don’t need to spend time on a job search! I had a friend that worked for a shuttle service as a driver that was able to do his web work from home during the off hours simply by partnering with a web development company on a contact basis.

However, cooperating with web development firms has some disadvantages as well. Continue reading Easy Ways for Website Developers to Monetize their Skills

Benefits of Being a Freelance Web Developer

Today, the demand for web development services is constantly growing. That’s why so many people want to become a professional web developer. In fact, working as an independent web developer has many significant competitive advantages. In this guide, let’s look at the most important benefits of being a freelance developer.

A Freelance Web Developer Has a Flexible Work Schedule
If you become a freelance web developer you will have no boss. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Actually, it is very important competitive advantage. This means that you will have a flexible work schedule. A freelance web developer has the perfect opportunity to decide what hours to work. Obviously, it is very convenient.

An Independent Web Developer Can Earn Much More Money
If you work for a website development company you would have to share your earnings with your employer. However, if you begin to work as an independent web developer you will be able to increase your revenues significantly.

Continue reading Benefits of Being a Freelance Web Developer

Tips for Becoming a Successful Web Developer

Today, it’s hard to imagine doing business without a website. Obviously, a website is a necessity for any business. That’s why web development services are in high demand at the moment. You can make good money if you become a successful web developer. Do you dream about becoming a successful web developer? If so, you have come to the right place! In this guide, you will find some useful tips which will help you achieve success in web development business.

Obtain the Necessary Web Development Skills
The web development process consists of several stages: web design, HTML/CSS coding, and programming. Some websites are built on ready content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and others. You should also know how to make a site convenient for users, and search engine friendly. Obviously, you have to obtain all the necessary skills in order to develop a professional website successfully.

Get Some Web Development Experience
Beginners usually find it hard to get a well-paid job. However, if you get some experience and improve your skills, your chances to find a good job will increase significantly. So, if you are just taking the first steps in web development you should do your best to get experience as soon as possible. You will definitely take your web development skills to the next level if you can get full-time employment. Working on a web development team will provide you with valuable experience.

As a result, you will become strong on web development issues. On the one hand, you will learn skills that will allow you to develop websites easily and quickly. On the other hand you will know how to deal with customers. However, the most important thing is that you will start making money as a web developer.

Create a Rich Web Development Portfolio
If you would like to have success in web development business you should definitely create a rich web development portfolio. The main objective of creating a rich portfolio is to demonstrate your web development skills to your potential clients.

So, you should do your best to impress your employers with your work samples. The more successful projects your portfolio has – the better! This means that you should update your portfolio and add new web development projects to it on a regular basis.

Become a Full-Time Freelance Web Developer
Once you learn all the necessary web development skills and obtain some work experience, it is the right time for you to become a full-time freelancer. In fact, being a freelance web developer has many important benefits.

First of all, you will get freedom. This means that you will have a flexible schedule if you work as a freelancer. So, you will have the perfect opportunity to combine your work with your studying process and family life.

Another significant benefit of being a web development freelancer is that you will have the opportunity to earn much more money. Freelancers work independently and don’t share their revenues with web development companies.

Promote Your Web Development Services Effectively
The success of web developers significantly depends on how they can promote their services. It is very important for a web developer to find a cost-effective advertising solution. In fact, there are many good ways for web developers to advertise their services.

For example, you can create your own website and promote it effectively. Your website can turn into a powerful online marketing tool that will help you attract the target audience to your business. If you provide a good portfolio on your website, its conversion rate will increase significantly.

You can try to work as an independent web developer on popular freelancer sites. Such websites provide freelancers with the access to large client databases. So, they can become a good source of income for any web developer as well.

Take advantage of social networking opportunities. Obviously, web developers should focus on popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. These social networks can help web developers find many good clients and establish a good reputation on the market.

Life as a Web Developer

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