What Are Web 2.0 Links For SEO?

Backlinking used to be what really propelled a website to be able to achieve the best possible rankings. Prior to the last few years, all it really took to rank a website was a whole bunch of spammy backlinks. However, once social based web 2.0 launched, Google and other search engines caught on to the tactics that marketers were using to ‘game’ the system. After all, this type of ‘gaming’ of the system ended up hurting their search user’s experience. Thus, any website that utilizes this kind of strategy will be penalized accordingly. However, web 2.0 still works when it is implemented in the right way. The web 2.0 linking strategy became much more strategic as a result and it can still provide a lot of reward for someone willing to implement it correctly. We had a great discussion with Local Lead Link (http://www.localleadlink.com) about this very topic, and learned quite a lot. Below, we will be going over what web 2.0 links are and how they work.

Social Media Platforms

These web 2.0 properties are mostly social media platforms that have very strong authority ranks on the Internet. These platforms include Google Places, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and more. These are social media platforms that are well known to be authoritative sites and sites that have a strong social presence. By utilizing these websites in your web 2.0 backlinking strategy, you should be able to see vast improvements in your ranking potential because they are going to help you demonstrate authority in a respective niche.

There are a lot of things that you are going to need to avoid when you are implementing this kind of strategy into your SEO mix. It would be wise to avoid utilizing anything that might be considered spammy such as creating a Wikipedia page, creating a lot of WordPress websites linking back to your website, or even paying others to boost your website backlinks for you.